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5 Must-Read Books for Better Mental Health

Alright, so tech Twitter has given you books on every topic under the sun, from sales to cold plunges to history, building businesses, Twitter growth playbooks, and more

But weird how no one talks about the right way to deal with the broken relationship, or your habit of not being able to communicate properly or share issues that have been troubling you since you were a child, or that body insecurity.

Coming straight to the point, we never talked about books on mental health and the science behind it.

hence sharing my favorite 4 books on Mental Health:

- Maybe you should talk to someone

by Lori Gottlieb is a witty and compassionate exploration of therapy from both sides of the couch. Through interesting stories, it reveals the universal search for meaning and connection in the messy human experience.

- Self Therapy

by Jay Earley is a practical guide that empowers readers to navigate their emotional landscapes. With accessible tools and insights, Earley helps individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, fostering a deeper understanding of personal dynamics.

- The Body keeps the Score

by Bessel van der Kolk is a compelling exploration of trauma and its profound impact on the body and mind. Through real-life stories and scientific insights, it shows the complex interplay between memory, emotion, and physical well-being, offering a holistic perspective on healing from trauma.

- Psycho - Cybernetics

by Maxwell Maltz is a timeless self-help classic that delves into the power of the mind in shaping personal success and happiness. Maltz explores the concept of self-image and how positive mental habits can lead to transformative changes in one's life.

Lemme know which book among these is your favorite.

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