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Terms and Conditions

1. This platform, known as “” (“Website”), is provided and operated by Fidato Health LLP, located at CivilLines, near Banthiya Nursing home, Raipur CG 492001.

2. By continuing to use or explore this website and its offerings, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

3. Fidato Health LLP reserves the right to modify, add, or remove provisions from these terms and conditions at its discretion, without prior notice.

4. Products & Services:

- Access to therapy with qualified counselors 

- Mental health  and Psychotherapy related content

5. Confidentiality: Users accessing counseling services are assured the safeguarding of confidential information shared during therapy sessions. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of the therapeutic environment, and discussions between therapists and clients are treated with the utmost privacy.

- All therapists associated with Fidato Health LLP are committed to maintaining strict confidentiality.?

- Administrative staff handling client information are trained and obligated to uphold confidentiality.

Limitations to confidentiality include:

a. Information Disclosure in Cases of Imminent Danger: Therapists may disclose information to the Emergency Contact provided by the client or law enforcement agencies if there is evidence of imminent danger to self or others.

b. Disclosure to Nominated Representative (if applicable)

c. Disclosure to Statutory Authorities: In exceptional circumstances, disclosure of privileged information may occur as mandated by statutory authorities such as the High Court/Supreme Court/Board or other relevant bodies to ascertain the client’s mental status.

d. Disclosure to Other Healthcare Providers: Information may be disclosed to other healthcare providers, including psychiatrists, GPs, etc., to inform and facilitate treatment.

e. Disclosure in the Interest of Public Safety and Security

Every effort will be made to discuss the potential disclosure to the emergency contact with the client beforehand, where feasible. Our confidentiality policy aligns with the principles outlined in the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 and may be subject to updates following changes in legislation and/or policy.

6. Disclaimer: It is advised to refrain from online therapy in acute distress. If you are feeling suicidal or at risk of self-harm, please contact your nearest hospital.

7. Intellectual Property: The content on this platform is designed for awareness and educational purposes and does not substitute professional treatment. Fidato Health LLP assumes no liability for reliance on any material on the platform. Any third-party content belongs to respective owners. Fidato Health LLP retains copyright ownership of the remaining content on this platform. No information/material from this platform may be copied/reproduced/published/uploaded/posted without explicit permission.

8. Payments: By utilizing this platform, users agree to settle all applicable charges before accessing the offered services. Refer to the Payment section for detailed information on the payment, cancellation, and refund policy.

9. Privacy Policy: Utilization of the platform and website is subject to our privacy policy. Please carefully review the privacy policy. Fidato Health LLP reserves the right to modify, add, or remove provisions without prior notice.

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