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Probably something therapists hate most

Imagine you're someone extremely busy who only gets off on weekends, Saturdays, and Sundays.

So you decide to take a break and go watch a movie and book your favorite tickets. You schedule a time slot, reach the theatre, and realize the specific show has been canceled.

Pretty sure, almost all of us would be super angry, cause you not only missed out on the movie you wanted to watch, wasted the tickets you bought, but also the time which you could've spent someplace else like a cafe or an amusement park.

Therapy has a similar problem. Mental health platforms and therapists face a constant issue of no-shows and constant rescheduling requests by clients, which is completely fine when done in advance.

But imagine finalizing a slot with a therapist, them waiting for you and the client just doesn't show up.

> If you're taking therapy, try not to be a no-show for your session or cancel or reschedule last minute. Do that AT-LEAST 24 hours in advance.

Therapists make money by selling their time and this very act causes them to directly lose out on their hard-earned money because they could have given that slot to someone else.

also why a lot of therapists and platforms have a strict no-show or rescheduling policy. Make sure to add your session as a calendar event, show up on time, and try your best to inform the therapist as soon as possible if something comes up that my stop you from making it to the session.

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Happy Therapy :)

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