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Simple exercise to become more optimistic.

This exercise is called ‘doors open and doors closed’ exercise. 🚪

It will help you realize that the end of something good can also mean the beginning of something great.

Here’s what to do:

  • Doors Closed

Think about a time in your life when someone rejected you or you missed out on something important or when a big plan collapsed. These would be points in your life where a door closed.

  • Doors Opened

Now think about what happened after? What would have never happened if the first door didn’t close?

Now, write down these experiences on a piece of paper.

After you are done writing, reflect on the following questions mentioned below.


• What led to the door closing? What helped you open the new door? How long did it take you to realize that a new door was open?

• Was it easy or hard for you to realize that a new door was open? • What prevented you from seeing the new open door?

• What can you do next time to recognize the new opportunity sooner?

• What were the effects of the door closing on you? Did it last long?

• Did the experience bring anything positive? Which character strengths did you use in this exercise?

• What does a closed door represent to you now?

Coming from a highly pessimistic person like me, this activity worked like magic for me. ✨

Do write back and let me know how you felt after this exercise.

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Stay Awesome

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