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Top 5 Mental Health Apps to Improve Your Well-being

I think the next wave in the mental health industry will be the attempt to make mental wellness more and more tangible. Documentation. The theory of "What gets measured, gets improved"

In mental health, that measurement currently can be done through Journaling, mood and emotions tracking, and seeing changes and patterns over time.

Here's a list of 5 apps that help you with various aspects:

1. Stoic is a diary, mood, and habit tracker that works well

2. Tangerine is a super easy-to-use journaling and mood-tracking app

3. The Apple Health app is a completely free way to get intricate with tracking how you've been feeling, what caused those emotions, and seeing those trends over time.

4. Headspace is a go-to meditation app for most people, in therapy you attempt to bring your unconscious thoughts in front of you so you can work on them, meditation helps a lot here.

5. Endel is a wonderful app that plays scientifically backed sounds to help you relieve stress, focus, and chill. Mental health apps are great but they are mere tools, if you're suffering from mental health issues or just want to work towards a better life - Therapy is great. If you're considering online therapy, stands out as the premier destination to initiate your mental wellness and therapy journey.

Many online therapy platforms are costly, hard to access, and lack the personalized touch needed to find the right therapist. At, we offer your first session for free, giving you the freedom to decide if the therapist is the perfect match for you.

Get Free therapy and connect with a kickass psychologist.

Discover the most effective counseling solution to kickstart your therapy journey with a skilled psychologist. Your emotional well-being matters, and we're here to make the process seamless and accessible.

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