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Ashima Bhardwaj

Counselling Psychologist

We are all on the journey towards our home that we may reach decades later and we call this journey LIFE. Every second of our life is bringing in various changes that ranges from small to humongous. As naturally as we adapt to certain changes, there are changes that bring in adequate amount of stress, anxiety, frustration, confusion, overwhelming emotions and what not, for these changes we need new and healthy mechanisms.

I am a counselling psychologist and NLP Practitioner. My area of work focuses on navigating you towards the awareness of your thoughts, emotions, strengths, coping mechanisms etc. along with helping you accept and reshape yourself into your best version of self. I follow an eclectic approach and design sessions based on clients individual needs.

Let's walk together in this journey and plant new, beautiful and healthy seeds.

Specializes in:

Stress management, emotional management, Anger Management, Build habits/patterns, Anxiety

Charge per Session:


Ashima Bhardwaj
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