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Komal Deshwal

Counselling Psychologist

I completed my undergraduate studies, earning a B.A. Hons. in Psychology from Delhi University (Kamala Nehru College). Following that, I pursued my master's degree in M.Sc. Counselling Psychology at the Indian Institute of Psychology and Research (IIPR). Additionally, I am actively working towards obtaining certification in Trauma-Informed and Queer Affirmative Practice.

In my counseling sessions, I adopt an eclectic approach, selecting the therapeutic modality that best serves the mental health and well-being of the individual. Proficient in various therapeutic modalities such as CBT, REBT, Behavioral therapies, SFBT, Narrative, Gestalt, and more, I tailor my approach to address the specific needs of each person.

My aim is to establish a safe and non-judgmental environment, fostering acceptance and respect while prioritizing confidentiality for the client's security.

Furthermore, I have a published research paper in The International Journal of Indian Psychology. My specialization encompasses interpersonal/relationship issues, anxiety, stress, workplace challenges, self-improvement, skill development, academic concerns, and adjustment issues.

With considerable experience in assisting college students and working adults, I am dedicated to providing comprehensive support in navigating various life challenges.

Specializes in:

Relationships, Anxiety disorders, Stress management, workplace challenges, Academics, self-improvement

Charge per Session:


Komal Deshwal
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