Marie Sharelin

Counselling Psychologist

l am a Counselling Psychologist and also a Rehabilitation specialist

with experience in the fields of mental health and disability. My

areas of counselling includes Stress control, fear and anger

management, Adolescent counselling, career guidance, time

management, relationship counselling

Counselling is the place where one finds the right person who

encourages u to be yourself, be free about sharing what happens

within you. So, at the end of it a person is relieved from what he or

she goes through like past hurts, disappointments, regrets or

worries and anxieties or any other negative feeling.

The minute one is able to share it without the fear of being judged

with the freedom of getting genuine help, they get a great relief. In

these days, lots of people need this kind of support. Therefore, I'm

here to listen to you without any judgements and let's work

together, think together and discover solution together. After all,

where there is a will, there's a way!

Marie Sharelin