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Rachel Dutt

Counselling Psychologist

Ms. Rachel has a postgraduate degree in Counselling and Family

Therapy. During her post-graduation, she completed her internship in

the Juvenile Deaddiction Home, Mukheri Nagar. She also volunteered in

the night shelter, SPYM. She has experience in addiction counseling and

CBT from the Deaddiction home.

She has a specialization in family therapy and deals with cases like

conflicts between family members, financial disagreements, difficulties

between siblings or couples, issues with extended or immediate family

members, family member's habits or addictions and dealing with them,

and much more.

She started working as a Counseling Psychologist at the Air Force

station, Basant Nagar, in December 2020. She is also a certified

International Career Counsellor.

Specializes in:

Anxiety disorders, Substance abuse, Career guidance

Charge per Session:


Rachel Dutt
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