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Ann Kurian

Counselling Psychologist

"You are not alone. We are in this together" have been the most motivating and

calming words in my times of distress. To find someone who understands us and

stays with us is one of the most blissful moments of life. In the search of being a

reason behind someone's bliss, I followed the passion and now my profession of a

Psychologist for the last three years. I have had enriching experiences with young

children, adolescents and adults.


are times when we are troubled and need a listener, and maybe not some

advisor. I am here to listen to you. I am here to explore the strengths inbuilt in you,

and making you known of your potential to solve every element that brothers you.

Trust me when I say trust yourself. You are the best mentor and advisor of your life


Specializes in:

Self Exploration, Relationships, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Family Conflicts, School Adjustment, Family Adjustment, Grief

Charge per Session:


Ann Kurian
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