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Tanisha Singh

Counselling Psychologist

I hold a Master's Degree from Ambedkar University, Delhi in Clinical Psychosocial Studies. My practice is based in psychoanalytic school of thought and incorporates holistic therapeutic practices from other approaches. I had rigorous coursework in existential themes, gender studies, interpersonal issues, developmental issues and clinical topics like narcissism, schizophrenia and bipolar personality disorder.  I have worked for a year at The Ulive Foundation as a psychologist and have learnt some relevant practices at VIMHANS and Moolchand Hospital, Delhi as a part of my internships . I have also worked to build community and impart education in slums by the way of targeting kids and women as a part of the Star Innovative Programme, Delhi University. I hold certification in dream-work healing.

Specializes in:

Stress management, Anxiety disorders, Relationships, Family Adjustment, ADHD, Borderline personality Disorder

Charge per Session:


Tanisha Singh
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