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Tanisha Singh

Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

I'm a psychoanalytic counseling psychotherapist. I hold a Master's Degree from Ambedkar University, Delhi in Clinical Psychosocial Studies. I am a therapist specializing in psychoanalytic counseling. In essence, my approach involves establishing a professional therapeutic alliance with you, with a primary focus on delving into your unconscious mind.

By doing so, we aim to uncover and comprehend emotions that may have previously eluded your awareness. Additionally, we will work together to assign new interpretations to past experiences, address and challenge negative thought patterns, explore and resolve relationship difficulties, examine potential impacts of early childhood trauma, and gain insight into your relationship dynamics with your parents, among other relevant aspects. All of these efforts are intended to contribute to and enhance your overall mental well-being. While the majority of our sessions will involve dialogue and conversation, we may also incorporate various exercises and techniques to facilitate the healing process.

Specializes in:

Stress management, Anxiety disorders, Relationships, Family Adjustment, ADHD, Borderline personality Disorder

Charge per Session:


Tanisha Singh
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