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A heartfelt message for 2023

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Something we wish we could scream on top of our lungs again and again to the entire world.


Just a heartfelt message from us and keeping this really short 😄

We started back in August 2022 just to help a few close friends out and it's been a WILD journey from that day. Since then, We've given more than 1000 free sessions and helped so many people that we've even lost count. The Stigma around Therapy and mental health still persists but it's a lot weaker now. People have slowly realised that sometimes one picks up habits and traits that are overall detrimental to their mental health. Be it having a negative core belief or struggling to face a lot of adversities at the same time.

Trust me, as founders of YourEmtionalWellBeing.Org - We face it too! The key is in understanding that there's something that can be done about it - a safe space where you focus only on yourself and the greatest asset bestowed upon you: your mind! So from two teenagers who couldn't see their friends struggling and feeling helpless - this year. Just know that you're never alone. There are people who care a lot more than they show. Be kind to other people around you and let go of all things that no longer matter. Leave them behind.

Because life is too short to do anything less than what makes you happy :) Have the greatest 2023 possible!

Shubh and Rimjhim

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