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Making mental health a priority!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Do you remember the first time you walked into that room, the very room that was

dreaded by many and so by you? But you, a warrior as you are, still took that brave step


Do you remember how all that fear, nervousness and hesitation faded in thin air when

you were greeted by a warm smile and a safe and non-judgemental space?

I know there were days when you felt like there was this pit inside you, and no matter

what you did or how much chocolate ice-cream you ate, you could not fill in the void.

There was nothing wrong, but something definitely wasn't right.

Do you remember the day when you sat on the dinner table and tears just went

rolling down your eyes? Did someone hurt you? What happened? Why do you cry so often just like that? Questions like these created a buzz on the table. But you really did not have an answer.

Do you remember the music concert, you awaited for so long, but when your friends

brought the tickets, you said you were not well. Though the lie had a tinge of truth. You

were certainly not well, EMOTIONALLY.

Do you remember the day when your best friend booked an appointment of a

psychologist for you and you were so angry and upset for having being considered

mad? You were not, though. Neither your friend thought you were.

But most important of all,

Do you remember the day you made a promise to yourself, that tomorrow you would be


And you should know I am proud of you for keeping your promise. As you walked out of

that room, you were a better version of yourself. Two years down the line I am writing this to you to celebrate how far we have come.

To be honest, it still feels like a battlefield sometimes, but I am better armoured now to give

a tough fight.

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