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Sharma uncle said ‘Hush about mental health’


A lot of aunties and uncles told us to not talk about mental health.

We thought, okay!! We won’t talk about it…😞

We would fukin wear it! 🤩

Hence, we launched mental health tee and hoodies to spark conversations about mental health, ultimately building a supportive and judgement free community.🫡

We are sure that with your help we can make a difference!

Let's break stigmas together, one tee at a time!💪

Head to our store to join the mental health movement.

(p.s. Good people deserve good discounts. Use the code Hope50 👇)

Stay Awesome😁

Looking to start therapy? Get One Free counselling session from a Psychologist and deal with stress, anxiety, depression and more at youremotionalwellbeing.Org


Team Your Emotional Wellbeing

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