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Therapy will work only when you believe it’s going to work!

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

As the co-founder of your emotional wellbeing and someone who has spent 3+ years in mental health domain, I meet a lot of people who try to forcefully send their ‘significant ones’ to therapy. Though the intention is pure 😇, in reality it does not help much.

For therapy to work, it is important for the person to believe that he/she/they can be benefitted from therapy. Otherwise, it is is just a waste of time and money!

So what can you do instead?

🤓 Educate them and make them aware of the benefits of therapy.

🤯 Share some real-life instances where a person’s life was improved with the help of therapy.

🤌🏻 Give them validation that are loved and that they deserve a better mental health

All this will help them form a positive attitude towards therapy and facilitate their healing process.

Hope this helps!✨

Stay Awesome 😁

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Team Your emotional wellbeing

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