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Who to go to? Psychologist, Psychiatrist or a Clinical Psychologist?

Many people end up worsening their mental health because they don’t know the difference between psychologist, clinical psychologist and psychiatrists. Here’s the basic information everyone should know before getting mental health support.

Psychologist aka Therapist is the person with a minimum of masters degree in any specialised field of psychology such as counselling or clinical psychology. If you have problems related to managing anxiety, anger or relationship issues, you can consider visiting a psychologist.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (MD) who has completed medical school and specialized in psychiatry. They can diagnose mental health disorders and prescribe medication as well as provide therapy.

A Clinical psychologist is a person with a minimum of MPhil in Clinical Psychology.

If you are looking for a formal diagnosis for mental health disorders, you can consider visiting a clinical psychologist.

Hope it helps you find the right kind of mental health support.

Stay Awesome 😁

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