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Updated: Jul 28, 2021

One thing that differentiates human beings from animals is mind. Isn’t it ironic that we care the least about the most important part of our body? If you are looking for unique quotes about mental health and therapy, you are in a right place. On world mental health day 2020, feed your mind with these inspirational mental health quotes.

1. It wasn’t worth your tear they say,

But it was worth your heart to allay,

The pain, the guilt, and the fear

It braced

Had to someday be embraced.

Had to someday be embraced.

2. When you have a heart failure,

you go to cardiologist

When you have emotional difficulties,

you go psychologist, period

3. When I suggest you to seek therapy

from a psychologist,

I don’t think you are crazy and only a psychologist can fix you,

what I actually mean is- you deserve

an unbiased listener who will help

you understand yourself.

4. Expression is better than suppression.

5. Talking about your emotional


and seeking help for the same

is not equal to seeking attention.

6. Sometimes you don’t need a hand

to wipe your tears,

You just need a patient heart

that can sit and hear.

7. There is no hierarchy of pain, suffering not a competition.

8. If you get a cut, you use band- aid

If you get a bruise, you use ice

So, If you get emotional wound

why not use emotional first aid!

9. Take care of your mind, it is your greatest asset.

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